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Welcome To My Fabulous & Sweary Digital Download Colouring Page!

'I say we fuck this shit and live happily ever after!'

I free hand draw my designs straight onto Bristol Board and then scan them to my laptop and create a fabulous PDF for you to download and print off!

Your download will not have a watermark across it. It will be crisp and clean, ready for colouring with love!

I really hope that you love my designs created with mindfulness and self care in mind.

I've had a life of severe mental health difficulties, mainly Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Depression.
However, the last 10 years I have managed to recover & gain control of my OCD to be able to live a wonderful life!
The one thing that has always been my 'go to' is Art, my soul literally craves the release of creativity!

My hope for you is that when colouring in my art work, you find a 'happy place' that is just for you! A place of relaxation & connection with your true self.

Peace & Wellness,

~Lizz~ xoxoxo

To Download my Files:
All of my digital downloads are PDF's and you will NEED Adobe Reader. Adobe is a free download, so if you do not have this on your computer,please google and download it.

My downloads are not sizeable as they are PDF's.

To download after purchasing: Go to "Your Account" in the upper right hand of your page. Click on "Purchases and Reviews" from there download each file. Open in Adobe Reader.


Just in case you are having problems when printing my colouring pages, here are some helpful hints: All of my drawings are drawn from one edge of the page to the other, filling in the entire sheet, leaving no white edges, or "Borderless". Each drawing is then saved in a JPG and a PDF format. When you purchase one of my colouring pages in Etsy, you will receive that page "instantly" in a PDF format. You go into your "Purchases and Reviews" and click "download". You'll instantly notice your colouring page opening up in Adobe Reader. When you see the colouring page, you'll notice that it takes up the entire page just like you saw in the listing. You'll also notice, my mandalas will also be as large as I could to fit the entire page. In order to print out your page, your computer settings may have to be adjusted as your printed colouring page should look exactly like how it looks on the screen in Adobe screen. Adjust the settings on the adobe screen to these settings: "Fit to page" and "Landscape" or "Portrait" depending on the colouring page. Before clicking "Print", look to the top of the screen and click on "Properties" ... this will take you to your printer settings not any adobe settings. Under the "Quick Setup" make sure you have the following checked off: "borderless", also click on "Print at High Quality" and make sure your paper size is correct: A4. If your settings are correct, when you print it out, it should look exactly like the adobe screen as long as you're printing it on an A4 size paper.

I hope this helps you! Enjoy!

All artwork and images are protected by copyright laws. All rights are reserved by the artist named Elizabeth Parris-Bryant owner and creator of Moonstruck Goddess and cannot be used by anyone else. Artwork and images that are posted and seen via the internet are intended for your personal use only and can not be used for, in or on any business, blog or website, be distributed in any way, be resold in any way, be offered in any way as a FREE download, or be altered in any way.