Psychology, Hypnotherapy & Horse Therapy!

buy Pregabalin cheap uk Oh how my life has changed since my last post!

Firstly I cant believe how long it has been since my last blog…..over a month! That really speaks volumes about the changes that have been afoot in my life.

In this past month I have started having Hypnotherapy, Ive been continuing with my psychology (which is nearly over) and we have gained a family member in the form of a pony! Yes a PONY!! Introducing go site Mouse!

Psychology~ This time around has finally been focusing on the stuff behind my OCD and Depression.
The reasons why I am obsessive rather than just treating the OCD alone.
I am truly finding it beneficial, I have waited years for a therapist to ask me the questions I have been asked and to invite me to look at things from a different perspective.
I am learning the cycles of behaviour in my family both good and bad. The reasons we all react in the way we do and the thinking behind it all.
I have learnt just how much my certain family members have affected my thought processes and also how as Ive grown into an adult, my own moral values have brought up a whole heap of anger towards the other adults in my life. I would never treat a child the way I was treated ( and at times, I am still treated) I now understand my true value and that I am entitled to have my own opinions and views on things. I know that when others shout and force opinions on me, it is their own life stories playing out. They have not learnt any other way to deal with these situations and feel the need to bully you into understanding.
That is not the way forward in this life, and surface feelings and ways of showing how we are feeling are generally super far from the real truth within. I understand now that not everybody is as advanced down this road as I am.
 And that’s OK, they will learn in the way their own soul needs too, and some may never learn. That is there journey not mine. However I do now know the type of people that I want to spend my time with. The souls who are advanced enough to know that the answer isn’t always black and white, that life comes in a variety of greys ( though that’s a bit boring, Id prefer a tie dye of colours!) I choose to consciously surround myself with those that uplift me, that provoke thought and genuine learning.
Recently I have had to ‘block’ people on social media, so that I can have a safe place on line to be myself, and yes I’ve even blocked family. When going on line it is my choice to see who I want to and not be berated for having a differing view. I had one instance where a ‘so called’ friend attacked one of my friends. I messaged my friend to apologise for the berating and discovered that its OK to block people! My real friend showed me that I must look after myself in this way, for me to feel safe.
I would not let that person talk to me like that in ‘real’ life so why on earth was it acceptable to me to let them be so plainly rude on line? The answer is ‘block’ and repeat. My social media is for me to connect with forward thinking, open minded and loving individuals, who happily have a differing of opinion, but know how to engage in a debate with loving kindness.
I would urge you to have a deep think about keeping people on your sites and friends list, if they are not bringing anything good to your life. You don’t need that kind of negativity!


Well this is super exciting! At the beginning of July, I had never been hypnotised. I was so intrigued to see what this lady practitioner could offer me. I blew her mind with the reasons why I was there. The OCD, the traumas of childhood, the problems with my knees and mainly my weight issues. Poor woman was slightly shocked!
So we began, we started with all of the things that are holding me back consciously and then would concentrate on my subconscious in the hypnotherapy…

Well I don’t know exactly how this works, I just know that my subconscious is listening..loud and clear!
I cant put my finger on exactly the changes that are happening, but some of the things I have noticed are:
I told my other half I was hungry the other night, he offered fruit salad but it had gone off (was turning into wine I think!) So he offered my a chocolate bar, and instantly, despite myself I said ‘NO!’, it was hilarious! The look on his face said it all! The word just instantly jumped from my mouth, I didn’t consciously think it, or say it, it was just there!
It was great!
I feel like some blocks to truly loving myself are moving too. When I look in a mirror now, instead of telling myself I don’t look great, I am looking at myself with a new found love. I see myself for the soul within and not for my ‘vessal’ as it were. It feels amazing, like massively Uh~Mazing!!

This is with just 2 sessions….imagine how I will have moved forward by Christmas!

So the Pony….well that is because of the Hypno too…when creating my positive places of love and fulfilment, I have chosen horses and wonderful memories of when I was younger and galloping about on horses. I decided to put an advert on a local horsey site, asking for a pony to love, for my kids to ride and me to look after. I didn’t expect anything to be honest, but, just 2 days later, I received an email from a lovely lady, who’s son had outgrown his pony and he needed some love and attention ( the pony not the son!). So we are now the proud part loaners of a gorgeous gem of a pony called Mouse! It is a dream come true! I have not been around my beloved horses for more than 6 years and have wanted to be back in that world for so long!
The yard that Mouse is kept at is like another world! you can go up there and forget about everything, its so quiet and peaceful, we have seen Deer and rabbits just running around!
My kind of world and always my kind of therapy!

So I urge you…whatever it is that makes oyur heart sing…are you doing that? are you making time for it? be brave and put an advert out like I did, or join a club…anything. Get your soul singing! Mine is and so are my kids!

Until next time Beautiful You!

  • Stay Happy
  • Find and follow what makes your heart sing
  • Be Brave
  • Be Fearless
  • Talk nicely to yourself

Dont except negativity in your life…

the magic lies within

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