A Wibbly Wobbly End to the Easter School Holidays 2015!

http://oceanadesigns.net/images/granite/forest-blue/forest-blue.jpg A Wibbly Wobbly End to the Easter School Holidays!
http://douglasat201.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://douglasat201.org/capital-campaign/ Oh my goodness! So its been a crazy holidays, today is the Saturday before school goes back.

I’m home alone at the moment, my Mum & Step Dad have taken the kids and Daisy dog out for the morning. It’s really quiet here right now, and boy do I need the space.

I love my children desperately and would not have my life any different, but if they fight one more time, I fear I shall lose my rag….I feel the anxiety building inside of me, to the point that I may pop…no…BANG! 

I know that as a Mum with O.C.D and Depression I really need, not want, but NEED my own time to get my head together. I simply must have some quiet time. And That’s OK!
I love to listen to positive mentors in my time off. Right at this moment I am listening to some on YouTube, fabulous! People who help me shift my thinking to that of abundance. Using paradigm shifts. I find it wonderfully inspiring and it helps me to get back on track with where and how I want to be in my life.

I’ve also realised recently, through a wonderful old friend randomly coming to my house, just how far I’ve come in the last few months let alone the last couple of years!
I personally no longer define myself by the fact I have O.C.D!
When talking to other people I don’t have to stare at the floor and say I’ve got O.C.D and Depression. Now I say I’m an artist, a stay at home Mum and now…. I’m a life coach!! 
This is quite possibly the most amazing shift I have ever made since really kicking O.C.D’s butt!
It didn’t happen over night, but by making small baby steps, each and every day (and even on those ‘dark days’) I’ve stopped beating myself up! I don’t deserve to be beaten up mentally or physically and I certainly wouldn’t let a stranger talk to me the way I used to speak to myself!
So now when its a darker day, I stop, think to myself why am I feeling like this? and then I stick it in a box and label it as ‘not serving me’. Then I do something that I love to do, generally I go straight back to drawing or painting or anything creative. however some times I don’t need to do that, sometimes, I’ll walk to the local shop and by a magazine or go and sit in my back garden. Or even, get this.. do a bit of cleaning or even better some de-cluttering of stuff that I no longer need!
All these things help me to regroup, find myself in the moment, and then relax about it. A dark day quite often symbolises that something isn’t making me happy, that some part of my life is harder than it should be. Apart from seeing my doctor or psychologist the best thing I can do, is be mindful of what is causing my inner turmoil. 
This week its been coping with the kids being off school, they’ve got bored of being on holidays as kids do, and I’ve got to the point where I need ‘me time’. Me Time is talked about a lot , but I just don’t think enough people really take it seriously, or they have an intention to do something, but, never follow through.
Start following through on your intentions, I was lucky yesterday when my Mum phoned and offered to take the kids out, I practically pounced down the phone ‘Please take the kids out’ I screamed inside! ha ha I was so very grateful for her offer! so I knew that whilst I was dealing with a stroppy 10 year old who whilst out on walk in the woods, was being extremely challenging.(He decided to be a complete bum and morph into a weird variation of himself!)  I punished him there right away…do you know what I did? I made him hug the shit out of the nearest tree! I hugged one too!! This ended instead with a fit of giggles and ‘Mum you’re such a Hippie’ instead of a fit of shouts and frustration, so much better for both of us! Plus I had a tantrumming, bossy 3 year old, who sat down on the pavement in a huff because I wouldn’t let her walk right on the road near the passing cars! Gawd I’m a mean mummy! but, it was OK as in x amount of hours my partner would be home and then it would be dinner time and the bedtime routine. Then I could sit quietly for the evening! yippee! and this morning when I was trying to get my daughter dressed who at the time was apparently a dog(!) I was reminding myself to breathe, see the funny side again and that help was coming in the form of my mum and step dad at 10am!

So take some time. Stop yourself in your tracks if you feel the anxiety rising. Allow yourself to breathe. Then react to the situation.
I feel better for having sat down & written this whilst listening to inspiration! Phew! Time for a coffee…

A few of the awesome people I love to listen to & follow:
 Mike Dooley www.tut.com
Louise Hay ~Founder of Hay House  www.louisehay.com & www.hayhouse.com
Dr Wayne Dyer  www.drwaynedyer.com
You can find them all on Facebook too.
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