So You’re Probably Wondering…

How can this chick, help You?


I’ve got a feeling you’re ready for a change…after all, that’s why you’ve landed here…am I right?

Are you fed up and probably a bit miffed at how your life is going?

I bet you’ve got a tonne of awesomeness in your life, that you’re more than happy with & totally thankful for yet…

Something is missing.


♥   The fire you once had in your belly, the lust for life, the awe and amazement of how your life was going to be has disappeared.

♥   You’re feeling dejected, depressed, lost and maybe even lonely…

♥   I’m sure you have a feeling down deep in the pit of your stomach, a whisper of ‘knowing’, a sense that there is more.

♥   Do you struggle with mental health challenges?

♥   You’re maybe living life whilst battling Anxiety, Overwhelm or Depression?

There MUST be more to life than existing….


What you need is a new & improved, Captain of your ship.

Like Jack Sparrow! He gives no fucks…right?!

One that teaches you how to ride the waves, not be pulled down and drowned by them, but to use the waves to set your course.

To understand that sometimes those waves take us places we weren’t even aware we needed to go, but, we needed to ride ’em!


We all grew up with Dreams and Ambitions, but somehow we lost the damn things along the way didn’t we?

Shit happens, Life happens~ forces we feel are beyond our control take our lives off in directions we’d not planned for.

Like a ship in a storm, we are bounced from wave to wave only praying we stay afloat.

I’d love to help you guide your ship on its course & find your way again.

So, are you ready Moonstruck Goddess?




The first step is to grab my newsletter and grab yourself the fabulous digital download, workbook…!


‘7 Steps To Raising Your Vibes.

A guide to living your life to the fullest and ditching the anxiety!’



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I’ve spent a lifetime battling OCD, Anxiety & Depression.

Now I’m ready to help you.

I want to give you some of my favourite tips and techniques for getting in control of your brain.

That’s why I decided to write:

‘7 Steps For Raising Your Vibes, A Guide To Living Your Life To The Fullest And Ditching The Anxiety’ 

This isn’t a cure.

This is a workbook based on what I’ve found most helpful over the years whilst I was suffering my most severe mental health challenges.

I strongly believe and urge you to seek help from your local GP and Mental Health Team.

However what I can offer you is real life support, guidance and perspective from someone who’s been to hell and back since the age of 11, when I was first diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive.

From one Warrior To Another!



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